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About Us:

im·mac·u·late /ih-mak-yuh-lit/ (adjective)

  • free from errors; pure; perfect


Welcome to the immaculate experience.


Immaculate Beings’ About Us:

Welcome to the immaculate experience. During this journey, you will undergo a shift designed to put you at ease with the uncomfortable. Upon its conclusion, you will accept both life and death and light and dark. Do not resist the skulls; they are normal. Do not judge the experience or yourself. Immaculate Beings is the culmination of inclusion, humanity, religion, and destiny, and as such, we are all immaculate beings. 
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About the Owner:

A New Orleans native, Malik Matthews has never been one to conform. “I’ve always been the type to ask a lot of questions,” he defends. A self-professed perfectionist, artist, and animal lover, Malik received the idea for Immaculate Beings while still in high school. “At first, I was focused on football…,” his voice is deep, as are his thoughts.


The inspiration behind Immaculate Beings? McQueen. The message? Inclusivity. Malik admits to not always feeling accepted, despite his religious upbringing and close-knit family. Fast forward to present day; the 25-year-old creative designer has learned to embrace ambiguity. “Immaculate Beings is an experience that teaches acceptance.” That acceptance extends to all facets of life, including its end.


When asked his vision for the brand, Malik is crystal clear: He wants a factory, apparel, digital art, and custom paintings. And he wants people to know that “he’s here,” but not in the arrogant “I’ve arrived” sense. No, he means he’s here if you need someone to rely upon. And he’s being sincere. However, things get more cryptic when he discusses Immaculate Beings’ theme: “I feel like I never know because nobody really knows.”




What he does know is that Immaculate Beings is a concept beyond clothing. It’s an experience, and it’s a feeling. It’s a journey that welcomes uncertainty.


And we are all immaculate beings.

Written by Keandrea Kelly

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